Beyond Buccal Swabs: The Utility and Efficacy of Rapid DNA on Other Types of Samples

Wednesday September 25th, 2019 // 9:50 am - 10:15 am // Oasis 1-2

Portable DNA machines – Rapid DNA – were developed in hopes to aid law enforcement by generating point of collection DNA profiles that could be searched in real time against the National DNA Database while an individual is in custody at a booking station.

The prospect, which initially focused on buccal reference samples, sparked the interest of law enforcement agencies in general and, soon thereafter efforts to demonstrate that the technology could work with other types of samples and substrates took the spotlight.  Technology testing has since expanded to include case-type and other challenging exemplars in order to explore the possibility of using these systems to generate real time intelligence leads in active crime scenes or investigations.

The FBI laboratory has been diligently working on testing these capabilities in order to develop and provide guidelines that would lead to the responsible use of the Rapid DNA platforms.

This presentation will summarize the ongoing projects, findings and future actions as they pertain to the application of the technology using non-buccal reference samples.


Lilly Moreno

Research Biologist, DNA Support Unit, FBI Laboratory

Dr. Moreno plays an integral role in the Rapid DNA testing and advancement efforts at the FBI, and oversees evaluation and validation efforts pertaining to Probabilistic Genotyping, Next Generation Sequencing technology and other chemistries and technologies in support of the Biometric Units at the FBI.

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