Department of Justice Update on Forensic Genetics

Tuesday September 24th, 2019 // 10:55 am - 11:20 am // Oasis 1-2

The forensic use of genetic genealogy testing and familial research has helped solve more than fifty cold case crimes over the past year. The early success, rapid use, and widespread interest in genealogy as an investigative technique has led to much discussion in the law enforcement, forensic science, and legal communities, and has generated a significant amount of media coverage. Many issues surrounding forensic genealogy have been raised. They include: striking the proper balance of competing interests, the use of best practices and procedural safeguards, the roles and responsibilities of various participants in the process, and technical questions surrounding the genetic typing and database upload of relevant samples. This presentation will discuss these issues and provide an update on the Department’s current efforts relevant to this topic.


Ted Hunt

Senior Advisor to the Attorney General on Forensic Science, Department of Justice

Ted R. Hunt is Senior Advisor to the Attorney General on Forensic Science at the Department of Justice. In that capacity, he is the Department’s lead advisor on forensic science policy and emerging forensic issues. Mr. Hunt also regularly interfaces with federal, state, and local forensic stakeholders and the Department’s law enforcement partners.

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