Don’t Cut and Run: A Cautionary Tale

Wednesday September 25th, 2019 // 1:40 pm - 2:10 pm // Oasis 1-2

Eddie and Connie Hall were owners of a painting business in the small town of Ethel, Louisiana.  While painting the interior of a home in the area, someone on the crew accidentally got paint on a pair of window curtains.  Mr. Hall had the curtains professionally cleaned and returned to the homeowner.  Unfortunately, no one in the three-person crew would admit to the fault.  Since he could not establish the person responsible, he withheld an equal share of the cleaning fee from each person’s check.  A member of that crew, Dulce Maria Funez, did not appreciate being charged for the cleaning.  One fateful night she and her boyfriend Armando Reyez Diaz went to the house of Eddie and Connie Hall to settle what she perceived to be an unjust penalty.  Funez and Diaz stormed into the home and immediately began stabbing Connie Hall numerous times and slitting her throat.  Eddie Hall ran to his room to grab a firearm off the bookshelf.  Before he could unholster the weapon, the two were on him.   They stabbed him repeatedly and slit his throat.  It was clearly a vengeful crime because the two suspects fled the home without taking valuables or money, which were sitting in plain sight.


The investigators quickly determined the potential suspects and motive for the killings.  News outlets were clear that police were looking for Funez and Diaz.  It was obvious from the disheveled apartment and trail of clothes that the two suspects fled the area in a hurry.  Police located their abandoned vehicle on a route which implied they were heading to Mexico.


Numerous bloodstains were observed in the vehicle which were later determined to be consistent with the victims.  Since the suspects were believed to have fled to Mexico, an international arrest warrant was issued for Funez and Reyes. Unfortunately the suspects were not quickly apprehended.  However, a year and a half later a woman in Germany called the police because her neighbor was threatening to kill her.  When German police arrived on scene, they began questioning the woman about the threat.  As it happens, the woman was Dulce Funez.  German police realized the woman had an international warrant for her arrest and apprehended her.  She was later extradited to the United States where she will stand trial.  The male suspect has yet to be captured.  However many rumors about his involvement with the Mexican cartel and subsequent demise have prompted the US Marshal services and Homeland Security to begin comparing his profile to human remains.


Paul Berry

Forensic DNA Analyst IV, Louisiana State Police Crime Lab

Paul Berry is a Forensic DNA analyst IV for the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab and has been there since January 2006.

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