Family Ties: Using Genetic Genealogy to Solve Violent Crime

Monday September 23rd, 2019 // 8:30 am - 5:00 pm // Madera

Early Registration (before July 15, 2019)$225
Standard Registration$250

Registration fees include breakfast and lunch.


Since the arrest of Joseph DeAngelo, dozens of cases in the U.S. have been solved using Investigative Genetic Genealogy (IGG). This workshop, led by key personnel from the Golden State Killer case, includes three components: 1) overview of DTC SNP and whole genome testing methods, instrumentation and bioinformatics 2) demonstration of genealogical databases, family tree building and use of common websites, and 3) discussion of best practices including the introduction of an MOU developed by Californian prosecutors. Attendees will develop a holistic understanding of IGG and receive material that enables them to educate their respective communities on this revolutionary tool.


Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understanding of issues related to SNP and whole genome testing on crime scene samples
  2. Understanding the use of centiMorgan values to help determine relatedness between two individuals
  3. Exposure to family tree building and websites utilized to find genetic genealogy clues
  4. Appreciation for legal issues and best practices to balance public safety with privacy concerns


Intended Audience:

Forensic scientists, investigators, attorneys, genealogists
Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of the use of nuclear DNA for forensic identification


Jody HyndsChair

Senior Forensic Scientist, Orange County District Attorney’s Office

Since 2010, Jody has been a Senior Forensic Scientist for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office as their local database administrator and general DNA expert in their DNA Unit.

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Bobby LaRue

Associate Professor of Forensic Science, College of Criminal Justice, Sam Houston State University

Bobby LaRue is an Associate Professor of Forensic Science in the College of Criminal Justice at Sam Houston State University. He received his PhD in Molecular Bioogy from the University of North Texas, Denton, Texas.

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Lori Napolitano

Chief of Forensic Services – Genetic Genealogy Investigations, Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Lori Napolitano is the Chief of Forensic Services of the Genetic Genealogy Investigations program with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.  The program has over 15 cases in progress and has resolved three cases.

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Margaret Press

Co-founder, DNA Doe Project

Margaret Press, PhD is the co-founder of the DNA Doe Project, a non-profit corporation dedicated to identifying John and Jane Does through genetic genealogy.

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Marguerite Rizzo

Deputy District Attorney, Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office

Marguerite Rizzo is currently assigned as the Deputy-In-Charge of the Forensic Science Section at the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.  Rizzo has been a Deputy District Attorney since 1999 and has been assigned to a number of units within the office, including two special trial units, the Family Violence Division and the Elder Abuse section.

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