HITA Workshop: ANSI/NIST Type 18 Record — Why is it Important for My DNA Laboratory?

Sunday September 23rd, 2018 // 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm // 105

There is no cost to this workshop, but pre-registration is requested.

Because DNA typing has become faster and less expensive, and because DNA is a consistent measurable human characteristic from birth to after death, and can determine biological relationships, it is now being adopted as a biometric.  ANSI/NIST data exchange standards have been used by law enforcement agencies worldwide.  ANSI/NIST Type 18 record facilitates and supports the use of DNA analysis on regional, national, and international levels and may become a DNA data exchange requirement for law enforcement agencies.



After attending the HITA Workshop participants will be able to:

  • Learn how DNA is being used as a biometric
  • Become familiar with the attributes of the ANSI/NIST Type 18 record
  • Become familiar with the terminology of DNA data exchange standards
  • Better understand privacy issues



1:00 – 1:05pmWelcome and IntroductionsDr. Michael Baird

DNA Diagnostics Center

1:05 – 1:40pmDNA as a Biometric in the Department of Homeland SecurityMr. Christopher Miles

Department of Homeland Security

1:40 – 2:15pmAmerican National Standard for Information Systems – Data Format for the Interchange of Fingerprint, Facial & Other Biometric InformationDr. Diane Stephens


2:15 – 2:50pmBREAK
2:50 – 3:25pmIntroduction to ANSI/NIST ITL Type 18 (DNA) Data Exchange StandardDr. C. J.  Lee


3:25 – 5:00pmPanel DiscussionDr. Amanda Sozer



Private: Michael BairdChair

DNA Diagnostics Center

Dr. Baird has published over 50 articles in peer review journals as well as chapters in books about the use of DNA for identification.  He was the first to testify in a criminal trial involving DNA evidence and has since testified in over 350 criminal cases.  He has presented at dozens of scientific meetings around the world about DNA testing for identification.  He served on the panel of the Office of Technology Assessment for the U.S. Congress studying the use of DNA for identification.  Dr. Baird currently serves as the past chair of the Relationship Testing Standards Committee of the AABB.

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