HITA Workshop – Are You Prepared for a Mass Fatality Incident Response?

Sunday September 22nd, 2019 // 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

There is no cost to this workshop, but pre-registration is requested.

Help prepare your jurisdiction for a mass fatality DNA identification response effort. Mass fatality incidents require an accurate and timely response.  Rapid DNA is becoming an increasingly sought out tool for identifying victims of mass fatality incidents as it saves time and money by making identifications faster. Planning for a mass fatality can feel overwhelming, but not being prepared leads to an error-prone and stressful response.The American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD) is leading efforts to help jurisdictions get prepared for a mass fatality response.

This workshop is applicable to DNA analysts, supervisors and management and builds upon the efforts of the ASCLD Rapid DNA Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) Subcommittee. During the workshop, participants will work collaboratively in small groups through a tabletop exercise to evaluate the mass fatality incident and organize an appropriate Rapid DNA response for victim identification using the ASCLD response tools and best practices.


Michael BairdChair

DNA Diagnostics Center

Dr. Baird has published over 50 articles in peer review journals as well as chapters in books about the use of DNA for identification.  He was the first to testify in a criminal trial involving DNA evidence and has since testified in over 350 criminal cases.  He has presented at dozens of scientific meetings around the world about DNA testing for identification.  He served on the panel of the Office of Technology Assessment for the U.S. Congress studying the use of DNA for identification.  Dr. Baird currently serves as the past chair of the Relationship Testing Standards Committee of the AABB.

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