Vendor Showcase

Verogen Vendor Showcase: Making the MPS Vision a Reality: How Massively Parallel Sequencing Is Moving Into the Mainstream

Wednesday September 26th, 2018 // 7:00 am - 9:00 am // 105

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Join us for breakfast and updates on the latest advances in forensic genomics.

Featuring Dr. Jenifer Smith from DC Department of Forensic Science, Dr. Peter Vallone from NIST, and Dr. Cydne Holt from Verogen, we’ll discuss:

  • Case studies, including the first case where data generated using massively parallel sequencing (MPS) was uploaded to a national forensic DNA database.
  • Updates on NDIS approval and SWGDAM Guidelines
  • Sequence-based STR allele frequencies using NIST 1036 Population Data
  • Automation of sequencing workflows & workflow enhancements
  • Examples of how operational crime labs are bringing MPS technology on-line to improve casework outcomes and “future-proof” their labs.

There’s no charge to register, but space is limited. To reserve your spot, email


Private: Jenifer Smith

Department of Forensic Sciences (DFS)

Smith is a nationally recognized leader in forensic science, with experience working at the highest levels of the federal government. Dr. Smith’s background combines strong scientific knowledge of forensics, a background in law enforcement, and experience as an expert witness on forensic findings. 

Private: Peter Vallone


Over the last 19 years at NIST Dr. Vallone has developed multiplex PCR assays for the detection of genetic variation, developed methods for the rapid amplification of STR loci, and has been involved in the characterization of nucleic acid-based reference materials.

Private: Cydne Holt


Cydne works at Verogen on targeted Next Generation Sequencing assays, instruments and software to relieve limitations of current DNA typing methods and expand the capabilities of Forensic Genomics.