You Deserve a Cookie! Navigating The Challenging World of Leadership in Forensic Biology

Monday September 13th, 2021 // 8:30 am - 5:00 pm // Yucatan Room

Early Registration$250.00
Standard Registration$275.00

Fee includes breakfast, lunch, and materials. We encourage early registration and will be waiving cancelation penalties for 2021.


Managers in forensic science are often ill-prepared for the demands of their job, as most originated from positions as autonomous analysts. Managing in a forensic DNA laboratory has its own unique complications. This interactive workshop is designed for individuals in these leader positions, offering them management and leadership tools that they can implement in their operations. The workshop will also offer attendees an opportunity to bring their own challenges and questions to their peer group for advice or solution. Instructional material includes: DiSC assessment, PowerPoints, resource lists, post-it-notes, and cookies.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Develop a deeper understanding of your personality and behavior, allowing for more effective communication with your team.
  2. Learn practical tools for you and your team to communicate and visualize successes.
  3. Learn strategies to deal with management challenges such as legislative mandates, backlogs, getting what you need from upper management, employee turnover, and more
  4. Develop a reliable network of management/leader peers.

Intended Audience:

This workshop is intended for current managers, supervisors, and those in leadership positions within a forensic DNA laboratory.


Private: Julie Conover SikorskyCo-Chair

Forensic Scientist Supervisor, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

Julie Conover Sikorsky is a Forensic Scientist Supervisor, a.k.a. Forensic Biology Unit Manager, at the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in West Palm Beach, Florida. She has been employed by the PBSO for nineteen years, and has been a Senior Forensic Scientist for ten years – fulltime processing DNA cases.

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Private: Pamela MarshallCo-Chair

Director, Duquesne University

Dr. Marshall has extensive graduate and undergraduate teaching experience in the forensic disciplines of serology, DNA, and microscopy. Her research interests include low copy number DNA, human and wildlife DNA identification challenges, nanoparticle technology, pressure cycling technology, and PCR enhancement.

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Private: John Collins

High-Stakes Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach at Critical Victories

John Collins is a High-Stakes Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach at Critical Victories, a company he founded to help people, teams, and organizations thrive in high-pressure environments where perfection is an expectation and failure is a ticket out the door.  He is also among the most respected forensic experts in the United States, recently publishing his first book on leadership and management in forensic science, which was released by Academic Press just last month. 

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Private: George Schiro

Laboratory Director, Scales Biological Laboratory, Inc.

George has over 35 years of crime scene investigation and forensic science experience. He is certified by the American Board of Criminalistics as a criminalist with the specialty area of molecular biology. George is currently employed as Laboratory Director by the ANAB accredited Scales Biological Laboratory, Inc., a private forensic science facility in Brandon, Mississippi.

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Private: Angie Vassalotti

Forensic consultant and owner, AGV Forensic Consulting, LLC

Angie Vassalotti is a forensic consultant and owner of AGV Forensic Consulting, LLC. She has experience as both a bench working analyst and a consultant for DNA laboratories.

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Private: Ray Wickenheiser

Director for the New York State Police Crime Lab System

Dr. Ray Wickenheiser is currently the Director for the New York State Police Crime Lab System, headquartered in Albany, New York.  He is also a Past President of the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLD).  Ray has over 36 years of forensic science experience, with 19 of those as a Crime Lab Director in local and State Crime Laboratories.  His areas of expertise include crime lab administration, quality management, forensic DNA, serology, hair and fiber trace evidence, physical matching and comparison, glass fracture analysis, and forensic grain comparison.  Ray is currently the Chair of the ASCLD Rapid DNA Disaster Victim Identification Subcommittee.

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