Chair: Amy Jeanguenat, Mindgen, LLC

Cost: $50 Fees include course materials and break


Description: While it is important for forensic scientists to have tools to gain/practice technical knowledge, adding skill sets to cope with stress and distractions is becoming a necessity for successful laboratories. An NIJ funded studied demonstrated 78% of forensic scientists identified themselves as having ‘high-levels’ of stress at work. Mindfulness, a form of focused attention training, has been gaining in popularity after research has shown its practice reduces symptoms of workplace stress, creating more productive employees that had better decision making skills. Employees that practice mindfulness took less sick days, had a higher morale at work, and were more likely to offer positive approaches to problem solving. Through education and exercises obtained by participating in this workshop, attendees will be introduced to methods to decrease stress and improve focus.



Learning outcomes will include:

  • Scientific research behind mindfulness and its application in a forensic setting
  • Effects of ‘autopilot’ reactions on decision making and how to overcome them
  • Communication techniques to stay present
  • Tools to create calmness and clarity
  • How to cultivate a mindfulness practice


Intended Audience: Forensic practitioners and managers