Amy Jeanguenat

Principle Consultant at Mindgen, LLC

Amy Jeanguenat has spent her career working in the private forensic industry supporting efforts world-wide to prevent and eliminate DNA backlogs, refine operational logistics, and provide quality and technical system support. As a former laboratory director and technical leader, she managed a staff of 100+ forensic DNA scientists completing over 14,000 cases and 80,000 database samples annually. Her leadership and management approaches constantly evolved in response to the demands of running a high-throughput laboratory. Workplace stress and its effect on productivity, turnover rate, and quality became a key focus of her research interests. In 2016, she launched Mindgen, LLC merging her interests in developing best practices for forensic science with the effects of mindfulness on human performance. Amy has completed training in mindfulness based stress reduction, ancient wisdom, and meditation teaching. She is applying these techniques to bring mindfulness to forensic science to help improve decision making and the quality of work & life.