Seth Faith

Research Leader, Battelle Memorial Institute

Dr. Seth Faith has a PhD in molecular biology and was a postdoctoral fellow in BioDefense at The University of Pittsburgh.   He is currently a Research Leader at Battelle Memorial Institute and specializes in R&D projects in human identification using next-generation sequencing technologies (NGS), advanced bioinformatics, and databasing. His R&D team was the first to publish a method for producing a full CODIS DNA profile with NGS technology that could be used for matching against the US national criminal database (NDIS). This project was later funded by the US Department of Defense to deploy a system to conduct DNA forensics with NGS.  He is currently funded by the National Institute of Justice, Department of Defense, and he collaborates with multiple state and federal law enforcement agencies for DNA technology development, cloud-based computing, and data analytics.  Dr. Faith is a member of several advisory bodies for the development of new forensic technologies including: the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) OSAC WF Subcommittee, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis and Methods (SWGDAM), and the American Academy of Forensic Sciences Standards Board (ASB).