Swathi Kumar

Director, Product Management, Verogen Inc

Swathi A. Kumar, PhD, leads Verogens global product strategy. Prior to Verogen, she spent 8 years at Illumina, the global NGS/MPS market and technology leader, in technical, sales and product management roles. Most recently, Swathi led the digital transformation of Illumina’s Service & Support organization with IoT-based predictive and precision service offerings for its fleet of 15000 sequencers. She has also managed the growth and expansion of BaseSpace, the largest HIPAA, ISO 27001&13485 certified and GDPR-ready cloud platform for secure genomic data management and analysis.

Swathi holds a PhD from The Pennsylvania State University, where she applied a combination of genomic, epigenetic and multivariate statistical approaches to understand the molecular basis of gene regulation in hematopoietic lineages. She was also part of the modENCODE consortium, contributing towards a comprehensive encyclopedia of genomic functional elements in the model organisms.