Sylvain Hubac

Head of DNA Division, Forensic Science Laboratory, French Gendarmerie (IRCGN)

Dr Hubac joined in 2004 the French national Gendarmerie at the Forensic Science laboratory (IRCGN) to carry out research, development and validation of methods for DNA analysis. The positions he has held at the IRCGN include deputy head and head of the high throughput DNA unit for reference samples, head of DNA unit for casework samples and DNA expert since 2007 and now head of the DNA division including reference samples and casework units. Dr Sylvain Hubac has been directly involved in victim’s identification for major disasters in France like German Wings air crash in 2015 or terrorist attack in Nice in 2016. Dr Sylvain Hubac is actually military officer and the rank of Lieutenant colonel. Dr Sylvain Hubac holds 2 patents for direct DNA amplification with microFLOQ swab and mobile DNA laboratory and 3 patents in DNA storage and sampling process.