Thomas Callaghan

FBI Laboratory’s Biometric Analysis Section

Thomas F Callaghan serves as the Senior Biometric Scientist for the FBI Laboratory’s Biometric Analysis Section.

Dr. Callaghan received his Doctorate in Molecular Biology from Case Western Reserve University, where he worked on the molecular biology of Viruses and Oncogenes.

Prior to joining the FBI, Dr. Callaghan was a Forensic Scientist with the Pennsylvania State Police DNA Unit, where he was an Examiner involved in Serology/DNA casework and establishing Pennsylvania’s CODIS Program.

As a member of the FBI DNA Analysis Unit, he was involved in the analysis of hundreds of homicide and rape cases. In 1999, Dr. Callaghan initiated the FBI’s Federal Convicted Offender DNA Database. In 2003, he became the first CODIS Unit Chief and has been involved with the CODIS Program for over 20 years.

Dr. Callaghan has served as a member of Interpol’s DNA Monitoring Experts Group, the G8 Law Enforcement DNA Technical Working Group and he was co-chairman of the Scientific Working Group Disaster Victim Identification (SWGDVI) DNA Committee.  Currently, Dr Callaghan is chairman of the CJIS Advisory Policy Board’s Rapid DNA Task Force.