MicroGEM International PLC is a public company headquartered in the UK with operations in New Zealand, North America and China. The company offers cost-effective automated technologies to forensic, agricultural and horticultural markets with paradigm-shifting automated technologies for DNA analysis. Its flagship instrument, the ZyGEM PDQeX 2400, is a rapid DNA extraction device that achieves PCR-quality and human profile-ready DNA in 10-20 minutes without the use of reagents that inhibit PCR.

The ZyGEM PDQeX 2400 is built for efficient workflow, avoids transfer steps and is designed to protect the integrity of the samples. For rapid Y chromosome screening, the device’s automated procedure releases DNA from sperm in minutes, ready for Y-specific real time PCR.

For more information, visit www.microgemplc.com or contact Tammy Coffey, Director of Business Development, at t.coffey@zygem.com.