QIAGEN is the world’s leading provider of innovative Sample to Insight technologies, and a key player in the forensic community. A global company, with subsidiaries in 20 countries and a global distribution network in 70 countries, QIAGEN offers a broad range of more than 500 core products to meet the special requirements of its more than 500,000 customers worldwide. In addition, it has developed complete instrument solutions that enable full automation of laboratory procedures, as well as a broad range of universal product offerings for the NGS workflow, from initial sample to final result.

QIAGEN has been supplying reagents and instrumentation for sample preparation to analysis to forensic laboratories for over 15 years, and has established a reputation for quality and reliability with customers. With its strong commitment to quality, QIAGEN has been a forerunner in quality initiatives for the human identity testing and forensics market. Our Forensic Grade label denotes the sum of these quality assurance and quality control activities and our dedication to the strictest of quality control for our forensic customers.