Sirchie manufactures high quality forensic science and crime scene investigation products and customized special purpose vehicles and provides hands-on training for the law enforcement community around the globe. Since 1927 and in more than 120 countries, law enforcement and investigation professionals use Sirchie products daily to help investigate criminal activity and find justice.  Sirchie adheres to strict manufacturing standards and has the depth and breadth of product lines to meet the challenges law enforcement faces today.  Sirchie specializes in custom designing and manufacturing of forensic evidence collection kits, such as DNA/Buccal Swab Collection, Sexual Assault (Victim/Suspect) Kits, Gunshot Residue Kits, Blood/Alcohol Kits and other crime scene and biological specimen collection kits.  What sets Sirchie apart is our people and their commitment to providing world class customer service with every experience.