Painstaking Veterinary Forensics Work Helps Combat Animal Abuse

Painstaking Veterinary Forensics Work Helps to Combat Animal Abuse

Written by: Kendra Coulter, Brock University   Many people have seen dramatizations of forensics on shows likes Bones and CSI. Forensics is the application of scientific principles and methods to criminal investigations at crimes scenes and in labs.   In real life, forensic science is being applied to different victims: animals.   Front-line officers undertake […]

Forensic Scientist of Note: Robin Cotton

It was Alec Jeffrey’s paper on RFLP analysis that proved the catalyst for Robin Cotton to alter her career path from research on the Y chromosome to the applied science of DNA typing.   A biochemist by training, Cotton had a PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry from UC Irvine and two post-docs under her […]