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If you are reading this, you are likely already in the field of forensic science or considering this as a career choice. Congratulations- you have chosen an occupation with both stability and growth potential. In fact, a 2018 Bureau of Labor Statistics report estimates that between 2018 and 2028, there will be a 14 percent increase in open positions for forensic science technicians!

But, we know that it can be difficult to navigate obtaining your degree and then beginning your career. That’s why we’ve created this resource page.

Coming up in 2023

We’re continuing to add more events just for students and young scientists early in their career! The fun starts from 4:00 – 5:00pm on Monday, September 18th with a brief mixer before the Welcome Reception. On Tuesday evening from 6:00 – 8:00pm, attend the Young Scientists’ Showcase where you’ll have the opportunity to present your work to your peers. Meet with fellow young scientists during the lunch breaks to discuss specific topics relevant to you.

We’ve also reduced the student rate to $495 to make attending more affordable with the option to defer payment to a later date.

Celebrating Students on YouTube

How the field’s newest scientists are shaping the future of forensic DNA. Plus resources and inspiration for current students.

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Start Your Job Search

View current job and internship postings in the field of forensic DNA. To share a listing, submit your job on our website.

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Advice from Experts in the Field

Pearls of wisdom from past ISHI speakers for those just starting out or looking to make a change.

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PhDs: From Distressing to De-Stressing with former Student Ambassador, Mirna Ghemrawi

When searching for words “PhD” along with “stress”, hundreds if not thousands of articles, blogs and surveys pop-up discussing the effect of stress on PhD students. When success is mainly governed by the number of published papers, funding opportunities, professional meetings and research impact coupled with complications like visa status (for international students), society expectations, and fear from an uncertain future, a graduate student’s life has it’s share of stress. In fact, a survey by Nature reveals that 36% of graduate students (from a population of more than 6000 participants from around the world) asked for help to deal with their anxiety and depression. If this sounds familiar, click the link below where Mirna shares some tips for managing the stress in your life.