Mixture Interpretation in DNA Forensics – An Interview with Greg Hampikian

Greg Hampikian, Executive Director of the Idaho Innocence Project, discusses concerns he has with current mixture interpretation procedures, changes he’d like to see for the future, and thoughts on how to improve forensic science.       Transcript:   Laura: Hi, we’re here at ISHI 29, and we’re talking with Greg Hampikian. Greg, why don’t […]

Ethical Issues Around Investigative Genealogy

Craig Klugman, a Bioethicist at DePaul University details the issues surrounding commercial DNA databases and using these databases for investigative genealogy purposes, and offers some paths forward.        Transcript: Laura: Hi, we’re here at ISHI 29 with Craig Klugman. Craig, tell us a little bit about yourself.   Craig: Well, I’m a […]

Using Genetic Genealogy to Provide Answers – an Interview with CeCe Moore

Sarah Dingle, an investigative journalist with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation interviews CeCe Moore to discuss how she’s used genetic genealogy to help adoptees and donor conceived individuals find their biological families, and is now applying the same techniques to cold cases.        Transcript: Sarah: Hi, I’m Sarah Dingle. I’m an Investigative Journalist […]

Meet Your Fellow Attendees: Robin Cotton

Robin Cotton of Boston University shares why she attends ISHI, what it was like testifying in the OJ Simpson trial, and how DNA technology has changed over the years.        Transcript: Travis: So how many years have you been coming to ISHI?   Robin: When was the first meeting?   Travis: 29 […]

New Advances in DNA Technology to Assist with Mass Casualty Disasters

Mandy Sozer of SNA International describes how DNA technology has changed over the past 30 years and how new advances are helping to bring closure to families of mass casualty victims. We also discuss the importance of educating the public about DNA for forensic use and why women seem to be drawn to the field […]

Meet Your Exhibitors – SERATEC

Dale Laux talks about the connections that can be made at ISHI and discusses the products that SERATEC offers.        Transcript: Travis: Is this your first ISHI or how many have you been to? Dale: Well, it’s not my first. I’ve been to probably 10 or 12. Travis: Ok, with… Dale: No, […]

Meet Your Fellow ISHI Attendees: Rosary

Our man on the street interviewer, Travis, chats with Rosary as she describes work that she’s done at crime scenes.      Transcript: Travis: Hi, I’m Travis. Rosary: Hi, I’m Rosary. Travis: Rosary, it’s nice to meet you. Are you having a fun time at ISHI? Rosary: I’m having a great time. Travis: Is […]

The Power of DNA

Amanda Sozer, President of SNA International, discusses the power of DNA to reunite families after tragedies like Hurricane Katrina and the World Trade Center attacks.        Transcript: Laura Barten: You managed a lot of the Hurricane Katrina and 9/11 efforts; that must be incredibly challenging.   Amanda Sozer: It was. I mean, […]

A Genetic Genealogy Television Show?

Margaret Press and Colleen Fitzpatrick, founders of the DNA Doe Project, discuss the likelihood of staring in a reality television show.      WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE MORE ARTICLES LIKE THIS? SUBSCRIBE TO THE ISHI BLOG BELOW!   SUBSCRIBE NOW!