Under the Microscope – Lisa Mertz

Within the past 15-20 years, successful technological advances in forensic science have solved many cold cases. The increase in the number of possible items that might presently be tested as evidence in criminal matters, in general, has led to the need for collaborative efforts among the New York City DNA Laboratory, the New York City […]

What Does the Future Hold for Forensics?

What Does the Future Hold for Forensics?

Since the late 1980s forensic DNA typing has undoubtedly been developed as a powerful tool in police investigations for identifying perpetrators of crime or missing persons, via the analysis of autosomal, Y-chromosome or mitochondrial DNA markers. But is this all that we can expect from forensic genetic testing? Certainly not!   As a result of […]

Predict the Future of Forensic Science!

Predict the Future of Forensic Science

Predict the Future – Get a Bumper Sticker!     Forensic science is always advancing. Technologies that seemed futuristic years ago are now commonplace. What do YOU think will be the most significant advances in forensic science in the coming years? Provide your prediction in a 30 second or less video clip and receive a […]

Trivia at ISHI 30

Did you know that the date gardens just outside of Palm Springs produce 80%+ of the nation’s supply? Or that the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway uses the world’s largest rotating tramcars, and offers one of the steepest ascents in the world? And I’ll bet you didn’t know that the first commercial card casino in the […]

Entry-Level Coaching Inspires a Winning Culture

Entry Level Coaching Inspires a Winning Culture

The first three years of a young forensic scientist’s career matter greatly.   More personal and professional transformation occurs during this time than perhaps any other.  It sets the tone for the scientist’s life in the laboratory by establishing attitudes that will either expand or deflate her/his potential to be a high performer.   Whenever […]

ISHI 32 to be Held in Orlando, Florida

Dust off your mouse ears, because the 32nd International Symposium on Human Identification will be held at the Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando Florida from September 13 – 16, 2021. Many of you have been to Orlando before, but in honor of ISHI 32, here are 32 fun facts about the city that you may […]

Announcing the ISHI 30 Keynote Speaker

He went by many names. In Sacramento, he was known as the East Area Rapist. Southern California called him the Original Night Stalker. Others gave him the name Diamond Knot Killer and Visalia Ransacker. As he progressed to murder, he would become the Golden State Killer. All told, he committed over 100 burglaries, more than […]

Sorting Out the Prickly Topic of Genealogical Searching – INFOGRAPHIC

While genetic genealogy isn’t a new technology, the recent successes that genealogical searching has had in solving close cases and giving names to those who were previously unidentified has brought it to the forefront of the media. But what is genealogical searching, and should there be limitations to when and how it’s used? If you’re […]

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Phoenix

Did you know that each month, citizens of Phoenix host a massive street festival of art, music, and food trucks called ‘First Fridays’? Or that you the desert landscape is filled with floral blooms in the spring months? If you’ve never been to Phoenix, coming to ISHI is the perfect time to challenge any pre-conceived […]