Meet the ISHI Advisory Committee: Jim Thomson

We are delighted to feature Jim Thomson, an esteemed member of the ISHI Advisory Committee, whose extensive experience in forensic DNA testing and genotyping has significantly shaped the field. Jim’s career, spanning over three decades, exemplifies a profound dedication to advancing forensic science, making him a source of inspiration within the ISHI community.   Jim […]

Under the Microscope with Student Ambassador Ahana Chatterjee

In 2017, Ahana Chatterjee’s introduction to the Innocence Project during a recombinant DNA technology class in her undergraduate Biotechnology program sparked an interest in forensic science. The realization of how a simple DNA profile had the potential to rectify wrongful convictions deeply resonated with Ahana, given her background in the life sciences. This interest led […]

Under the Microscope with Student Ambassador Martin MacStudy

Martin MacStudy’s aspirational path for a career in forensic science is fairly non-traditional, as it began with a summer camp while he was in middle school. What started as an enrichment camp learning the basics of matching footwear impressions has now become a pursuit for a master’s degree in forensic science ten years later. Ever […]

Under the Microscope with Student Ambassador Charlotte Sutter

Charlotte Sutter’s path into forensic science, or more precisely into forensic genetics, is quite a cliché. She has always loved television crime series, and when she entered university, the first voluntary elective course Charlotte took was a forensic toxicology analysis course. She did not understand much about the chemical basics at the time, but she […]

Under the Microscope with Student Ambassador Ashley Welk

Ashley Welk’s path to forensic science started on a take your daughter to work day. Ashley’s father brought her along to his lab, and let her wear a long, white lab coat that draped to her feet, along with goggles and gloves that were much too big. Ashley felt like a real scientist and after […]

Meet the ISHI Advisory Committee: Dr. Michael Coble

We’re excited to highlight Dr. Michael Coble, an esteemed member of the ISHI Advisory Committee. Dr. Coble’s extensive background in forensic genetics not only enriches our committee’s expertise but also inspires the entire ISHI community.   As the Associate Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Human Identification at the University of North Texas […]

Design & Shine: The ISHI T-Shirt Contest Awaits Your Creativity!

As the 35th International Symposium on Human Identification (ISHI 35) approaches, we’re turning the spotlight onto you, the creative minds of the forensic community. This is your chance not just to attend ISHI, but to showcase your design on the official conference t-shirt. Unleash Your Artistry: Craft a design that encapsulates the spirit of ISHI. […]

Workshops Announced for ISHI 35

The ISHI conference agenda includes a diverse range of workshops focusing on forensic DNA analysis. Topics cover AABB accreditation, implementation of Forensic Genetic Genealogy (FGG) in public labs, DNA interpretation methods, genetic identification of bone remains, and human factors in forensic DNA interpretation. There are also sessions on building the forensic scientist pipeline, probabilistic genotyping, […]