Which Came First – the Helix or the Whorl?

One of the earliest and longest lasting means of forensic identification is fingerprinting.  Frequently, DNA is now considered the golden standard in the courtroom for forensic identification and is often called genetic fingerprinting.  But what happens when these two means of identification cross paths?  Contrary to what TV shows will have you believe, one forensic […]

Building a Career in Science: Academia or Industry?

If you’re a student in a research lab, discussing career options with your PI can be a tricky topic to navigate. Whether real or perceived, many students feel they cannot bring up the subject of a career in industry with their PI because they will lose credibility as a serious researcher. In labs where thinking […]

What Advice Would You Give to Someone Just Starting Out in Forensics?

Maybe you’ve just graduated and are looking for your first job in forensics, or maybe you’re just starting work as an analyst. Either way, trying to find your footing can be tough. That’s why we’ve asked our ISHI 29 speakers to share some pearls of wisdom for those just starting out in the field of […]

Tips for a Social Media User

As an HR professional, I attend different seminars and conferences to obtain credits for my HR certification. We had a SHRM (Society for Human Resources Management) state conference last week, and I learned all kinds of new strategies involving recruitment, succession planning, employee engagement and change management. One topic was present in every session I […]

Optimizing Your Scientific Conference Experience

When I was in graduate school (a really long time ago), I remember going to my first big conference—American Society for Cell Biology—and being completely overwhelmed. I walked in with my Annual Conference Proceedings (back then it was all paper—no apps—and those books were thick, heavy and took up a ridiculous amount of space in your luggage). I […]

Do You Know Which Region of the Bone Produces the Best DNA?

Identification of human remains is critical to establishing the name of the victim and building a case against a suspect. While it would be ideal if DNA samples provided to the lab were in pristine condition, this is rarely the case. Identification gets trickier as the remains begin to decompose, and becomes increasingly difficult when […]

The Biggest Blunders of Job Searching: Presentations

So far, we’ve discussed the importance of keeping a schedule when you’re job searching, investigating company cultures, and nailing your interview. Once you’ve made it past the interview stage, you may be asked to make a presentation, so we’re going to look at that next. No matter what type of job you are interviewing for, […]

Five Interview Responses Recruiters Can See Right Through

So far, we’ve discussed the importance of keeping a schedule when you’re job searching, investigating company cultures, and started talking about interviews. As the interview is such an important part of the hiring process, we thought we’d give it a little more focus. Today, we’re going to discuss five responses that interviewers can see right […]

You’re Hired – Tips for Nailing a Job Interview

So far, we’ve discussed the importance of keeping a schedule when you’re job searching and investigating company cultures. Now that your resume is flawless and you are likely going to be interviewed for your dream job, we should move on to the interviews. Interviewers will not only be assessing your ability to do the job, […]