Clearing the Sexual Assault Backlog in Murdertown, USA

Clearing the sexual assault backlog in the US has become a top priority over the past couple of years, because each rape kit that sits on a shelf untested represents a victim whose case has not yet been investigated. In Flint, Michigan, the backlog stood at 1,047 untested kits when Jen Janetsky became an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney at the Genesee County Prosecutor's Office. Prior to the shuttering of the GM plant in Flint, the town was booming with prosperity. Once the plant closed, those who could leave town did, and the tax base was cut in half overnight. 200 police officers turned into 88, leaving only 5 police officers to patrol the streets at night and 1 detective to investigate every sexual assault case. Murdertown, USA was born. So who would get justice for Jessica, a woman living with a degenerative nerve condition who was raped in front of her husband and small daughter? In this powerful interview, Jen describes how Flint, Michigan tackled their sexual assault backlog with limited man power, provides tips to other jurisdictions facing similar challenges, and shares how she fights to get justice for victims of sexual assault.