Embody Forensic Excellence

Sunday September 13th, 2020 // 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Registration Fee$100.00


To embody excellence is not simply to be able to bounce back after facing a challenge but to become masters of how day to day moments are perceived and cultivating a natural ability to express the best version of yourself, especially when making critical decisions. Being able to face challenges in forensics is nothing new, this industry will continue to have big moments and times of contemplation. Embodying excellence is what allows someone to move through these times with more ease, become stronger, clearer, and masterful of actions.


Learning Outcomes:

In this interactive workshop participants will be introduced to and practice core elements to embody excellence:

  • Awareness- accessing the present moment and developing the skill to drift into calmer states during challenges
  • Emotional intelligence- heightening EI to shift how you respond to events surrounding you
  • Conscious communication- interact with others on a higher level by being able to express yourself more clearly
  • Developing purpose- receive tools to uncover what drives your values, motivation, and brings fulfillment


Intended Audience:

This workshop is intended for forensic scientists, managers, and leaders who want to show up as their best self especially in times of adversity and challenges. No previous experience is required.


Private: Amy JeanguenatChair

Principle Consultant at Mindgen, LLC

Amy Jeanguenat has spent her career working in the private forensic industry supporting efforts world-wide to prevent and eliminate DNA backlogs, refine operational logistics, and provide quality and technical system support. In 2016, she launched Mindgen, LLC merging her interests in developing best practices for forensic science with the effects of mindfulness on human performance.

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