GEDmatch: A Platform for Data Driven Forensic Intelligence

Monday September 14th, 2020 // 10:00 am - 10:31 am

Genealogists, historians, and adoptees have traditionally used genealogy to find birth families and build family trees. Forensic Genetic Genealogy, or Investigative Genetic Genealogy uses genealogical databases and family trees to develop intelligence in cold cases, cases of missing persons, unsolved violent crimes and exonerating the wrongly convicted with equal levels of assuredness. GEDmatch connects the largest repository of voluntarily submitted DNA data for forensic use with an interactive kinship analysis environment that balances the needs of both the genetic genealogy and forensics communities.


In this talk, we will share an update on GEDmatch, including database growth metrics, the opt-in rates for forensic use, how the security of the platform is being strengthened, and terms of service. We will present the underlying statistics associated with some commonly used tools for investigative intelligence, and the impact of using different data sources on long rage kinship outcomes. We will showcase examples of how law enforcement professionals interact with GEDmatch as an impartial, science-driven tool, to accelerate the generation of genealogically significant leads for forensic use. Finally, we will give the forensic and genealogy community a preview of the GEDmatch roadmap and how we are evolving its tool base.


Private: Kirk Campbell

Supervising Lieutenant for the Major Crimes Unit, Sacramento County District Attorneys Office

Kirk was part of the team that conducted Investigative Genetic Genealogy resulting in the identification of Joseph DeAngelo as the Golden State Killer in 2018.  Since then, he has taken part in 17 additional IGG investigations resulting in 13 identifications including 2 unidentified human remains cases, and 1 exoneration case.

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Swathi Kumar

Director, Product Management, Verogen Inc

Swathi A. Kumar, PhD, leads Verogens global product strategy. Prior to Verogen, she spent 8 years at Illumina, the global NGS/MPS market and technology leader, in technical, sales and product management roles.

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