Next-Generation Sequencing in the Courtroom – An Attorney’s Perspective

Thursday November 3rd, 2022 // 9:00 am - 9:25 am // Woodrow Wilson Ballroom

The presentation will provide attorney perspective related to upcoming implementation of next-generation sequencing (NGS) DNA testing within a District Attorney’s Office. As more laboratories validate and implement this technology in their casework, prosecutors should be working in partnership with laboratories to maximize the benefits of this high-resolution technique for DNA analysis.


The discussion will center around prosecutorial preparation for local jurisdiction Kelly-Frye admissibility hearings in California. This includes review of relevant legal cases related to “general acceptance” and selection of appropriate expert witnesses. Specific attorney implementation discussion will focus on expected attorney training, trial presentation best practices, and relevant discovery issues. The presentation will further discuss the benefits of prosecutorial presence throughout sequencing validation, including selection of initial casework and provision of legal advice on important issues such as local familial database searches and phenotype data. The presentation will outline expected benefits from next-generation sequencing and their criminal casework applications.