The Truth is Out There – Debunking Common Myths Surrounding Law Enforcement’s Use of Genetic Genealogy

Wednesday September 15th, 2021 // 9:20 am - 9:50 am // Fiesta Ballroom

As a part of his 19-year career with the FBI, from 2018 to 2021, former SA Busch led the effort within the FBI to build a national program to train and equip FBI personnel to solve cases using forensic genetic genealogy (FGG).  The FGG process is legal, ethical, and extremely effective, yet it is often portrayed as invasive, erroneous and exorbitant.  Isn’t the federal government using special access and tools to look at the genomes of innocent Americans? Why aren’t there boundaries placed on this overbroad technique? Aren’t the cops going to arrest the wrong person?  Don’t Americans have a right to privacy with their genetic code? DNA is different right?  Mr. Busch will explain the idiosyncrasies surrounding these common myths, expand on the FBI’s application of FGG, and take a brief look into what the future holds for this revolutionary investigative method.


Private: Stephen Busch

CEO, Indago Solutions LLC

Former SA Busch was the first FBI Agent ever assigned full time to conduct FGG investigations.  He wrote the curriculum for the FBI’s in house 40-hour FGG training, while leading a collaborative approach with FBI headquarters elements to build metrics and develop best practices for the utilization of FGG nationwide and overseas.

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