Updates on Standards and Best Practice Recommendations for Human Forensic DNA Testing

Tuesday November 1st, 2022 // 1:50 pm - 2:10 pm // Woodrow Wilson Ballroom

A number of Standards and Best Practice Recommendations for human forensic DNA testing laboratories have been drafted, developed and published since the establishment of the Organization of Scientific Area Committees for Forensic Science (OSAC) and the American Academy of Forensic Sciences Academy Standards Board (ASB) a few years ago. An overview of the Standards and Best Practice Recommendations that have been published by ANSI/ASB, posted on the OSAC Registry, and those in progress on a variety of topics will be presented.

These include:

  1. DNA mixture interpretation validation and protocol development, including probabilistic genotyping and statistical analyses;
  2. Validation of various DNA and serological testing methods;
  3. Analyst training;
  4. Use of elimination databases, contamination prevention, monitoring and mitigation, and reporting of profiles impacted by contamination or failed controls.

Additional information regarding training webinars and the implementation of the documents in forensic laboratories will be provided.  Also discussed will be insights into the processes for drafting and developing standards at OSAC and ASB and how interested individuals can get involved.


Private: Charlotte Word


Charlotte Word is currently a consultant in Human DNA Identification testing. She has performed technical reviews on many 1000’s of cases from several public and private DNA testing laboratories and has participated in the validation of various DNA test systems.  Charlotte has testified as an expert witness in over 300 trials and admissibility hearings around the country since 1990. 

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