Niki Osborne


Niki Osborne

Forensic Research Scientist | Project Management Support, National Institute of Standards and Technology (Contractor)

Dr. Niki Osborne specializes in understanding and improving human factors issues in forensic evidence interpretation and presentation. Her primary research focus has been on the role of contextual information and potential for cognitive and contextual bias and in bloodstain pattern analysis. From this research, she has developed practical methods to manage contextual information for bloodstain pattern analysis in the laboratory and at the crime scene.

Niki is currently contracted to the National Institute of Standards and Technology to support management of the NIST/NIJ Expert Working Group on Human Factors in Forensic DNA Interpretation.

Dr Osborne has research and teaching experience across many forensic disciplines, including latent print examination, bitemark analysis, and handwriting examination.  She also facilitates workshops around the world on cognitive bias and contextual information management in forensic science through her sole tradership – Human Factors Training and Consultancy.