A Brief History of Forensics – Infographic

It’s no question that the field of forensic science has come a long way in the past few decades. Some of you reading this article may remember the satisfaction of pouring a perfect gel or the exact method for calculating the half life of the radioactive materials you’d used. If this is you, you likely remember the Frye and Daubert hearings that followed.


A Brief History of Forensics


As we look forward to the 30th anniversary of The International Symposium on Human Identification, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate the advances in forensic science and the people and moments that pushed the field forward. Some of these moments were triumphs in history, and others were times when the community came together following a tragedy. We’ve created an infographic highlighting these moments in time and invite you to scroll through history and perhaps down memory lane a little.


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If you’re joining us at ISHI 30 this year, we invite you to celebrate history with us in person! Next to the registration area will be a museum exhibit showcasing historical cases, former technologies, and the people who helped shape history. We thank those who pioneered the field of forensics and look forward to witnessing what the future brings.