Announcing Forensic Genomics as the Official Journal of ISHI

“ISHI is about facilitating collaboration to advance forensic DNA science. We are excited to partner with Forensic Genomics as the official journal of ISHI to provide attendees with a new way to learn about and apply the latest technologies and groundbreaking research to the vital work they perform.” says Carol Bingham, Symposium Manager.


Forensic Genomics is a new peer-reviewed journal that addresses how advances in genetic testing and genomic analysis can enable investigators to break through previously impenetrable forensic DNA barriers. Led by Editor-in-Chief David Mittelman, PhD, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Othram, Inc., the journal focuses on the use of DNA testing technologies, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and genealogical research methods to support human identification using inference tools and inductive reasoning. Forensic Genomics aims to accelerate the validation and adoption of new methods to support investigations that would be otherwise stalled with traditional testing methods. View past issues on their website.


“Mary Ann Liebert Publishers are thrilled to announce our new partnership between our journal, Forensic Genomics, and Promega’s International Symposium on Human Identification. This partnership will provide educational and promotional synergies between the journal and the symposium, supporting our shared mission of advancing DNA technology to enable human identification” says Bob Vrooman, Director, Business Development for Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers.


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