There is No Navel of the World: Looking Beyond Borders to Interpret Y-STR Evidence

Today’s blog is written by guest bloggers, Lutz Roewer and Sascha Willuweit, Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, Dept. Forensic Genetics, Berlin, Germany. Reposted from The ISHI Report with permission.     The reporting of Y-STR results with meaningful statistics requires a look beyond the borders, borders of the standard forensic mathematics practiced for decades […]

Under the Microscope – Jianye Ge

Y chromosome STR haplotypes have been used in assisting forensic investigations primarily for identification and male lineage determination. The Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods (SWGDAM) Lineage Marker Committee published interpretation guidelines for Y-STR typing, which provide helpful guidance. However, these guidelines do not address the issue of kinship analysis with Y-STR haplotypes. Because […]

Forensic Scientist of Note: Dr. Lutz Roewer

Dr. Lutz Roewer is one of the renowned forensic scientists who transformed DNA forensics through studying the Y-chromosome and demonstrating the value of Y-STR analysis for forensic casework. The use of a YSTR profile can help by excluding male suspects, or indicating multiple male contributors, or provide information that can be used to help find […]

Analyzing History – Putting the Pieces Together One Run at a Time

Dr. Angie Ambers is a full-time forensic geneticist for the UNT Center for Human Identification, specializing in characterization and identification of contemporary, historical, and archaeological human skeletal remains. She’s written a few articles for the ISHI blog detailing how she’s been able to obtain DNA profiles from historical remains, such as an American Civil War […]

Reducing Sexual Assault Kit Backlogs Using an Automated Protocol

Sorenson Forensics is a high-throughput private laboratory that processes hundreds of cases every day.  Much of our workload comes from backlogged sexual assault collection kits from across the country.   We “Y Screen” almost every piece of evidence in a kit, looking for presence of male DNA in female source samples. Unfortunately for our lab, our […]