New Hope for Old Cases: Advanced DNA Strategies and Collaboration

With thousands of unsolved cases lingering in the archives of law enforcement agencies nationwide, the need for innovative and effective solutions has never been more pressing. This year, ISHI introduces an essential workshop: “Engaging Collaboration: How to Further Cold Cases with Advanced DNA Approaches.” Designed to bridge gaps and foster partnerships among forensic scientists, law […]

Cast Your Vote for the ISHI T-Shirt Design Contest!

The creativity of our ISHI community is on full display! We’ve received some fantastic entries for this year’s ISHI T-Shirt Design Contest, and now it’s time for you to help decide the winner.   Each design is unique and reflects the innovative spirit of our forensic science community. Now, we need your input to select […]

Shaping the Future of Forensic Training: Inside ISHI’s First DNA Trainers’ Meeting

This year, the International Symposium on Human Identification (ISHI) is proud to introduce a new addition to its lineup: the DNA Trainers’ Meeting. Recognizing the challenges inherent in forensic DNA analyst training, this meeting was established to enable trainers to share best practices, discuss innovative training strategies, and explore potential improvements in training efficiency.   […]

Meet the ISHI Advisory Committee: Nana Lamousé-Welch

We are thrilled to spotlight Nana Lamousé-Welch, a distinguished member of the forensic science community, whose extensive experience and deep commitment have greatly contributed to the field. Nana’s journey from academic training to professional expertise exemplifies a dedication that inspires all within the ISHI community. Nana Lamousé-Welch began her career with a Bachelor of Arts […]

Now Accepting Workshop Proposals for ISHI 2024

The ISHI Organizing Committee is seeking engaging and informative workshop proposals that contribute to the non-commercial exploration and understanding of DNA forensics. These workshops will provide a platform for in-depth discussions, hands-on learning, and the exchange of cutting-edge insights within the community.     Workshops will either be full-day (8 hour) or half-day (3 hour) […]

Future ISHI Locations for 2025 and 2026

While we’re still getting ready for this year’s ISHI conference, many of you are already getting excited for the future and have inquired about locations and dates for upcoming meetings.     We’re traveling to cities that we’ve never been to, both on the East coast! First, join us in 2025 in Palm Beach, Florida. […]

Enhancing Forensic Science: Exploring Human Factors in DNA Interpretation

The study of human factors in forensic science has emerged as an essential component in understanding the interaction between humans and the systems they use. Through a human factors lens, we can recognize and address potential errors and biases, shape a positive laboratory culture, improve work productivity and quality, and enhance the communication of scientific […]

February 2023 Issue of The ISHI Report Now Live

Greetings from Promega headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. We are pleased to bring you the first issue of the ISHI Report of 2023 which is chock full of news and updates from the forensic community. This edition includes contributions from authors representing a range of experience and perspectives, from students and young forensic professionals to laboratory […]