Announcing the ISHI 31 Keynote: CeCe Moore and Paul Fronczak

“How do you like the name Jack?” the woman on the phone asked.   On April 27, 1964, a nurse came into the hospital room of Dora Fronczak, who had just given birth to her young son, Paul. She told Mrs. Fronczak that it was time to take the baby to the nursery (at that […]

Introducing the ISHI Ambassadors

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the International Symposium on Human Identification. Much has changed since the first gathering in 1989 when the field was in its infancy. Throughout this anniversary year, we’ll be celebrating the men and women who perform the demanding but crucial work of the forensic scientist, as well as exploring […]

Predict the Future of Forensic Science!

Predict the Future of Forensic Science

Predict the Future – Get a Bumper Sticker!     Forensic science is always advancing. Technologies that seemed futuristic years ago are now commonplace. What do YOU think will be the most significant advances in forensic science in the coming years? Provide your prediction in a 30 second or less video clip and receive a […]

It’s Our Anniversary, but We Want to Celebrate You!

Not all heroes wear capes, and we know that the work of people behind the bench and in the lab impacts countless lives.     As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of ISHI, we would like to acknowledge the people that have made this meeting successful – you! Throughout the year, we will be showcasing […]

Introducing the ISHI Report – News from the World of DNA Forensics

We are excited to bring you the newest magazine in the field of forensic DNA, that we’ve developed with you in mind – The ISHI Report.   Each quarter, we’ll bring you a glimpse into the fascinating field of forensic science and the dedicated people committed to carrying out the important work of identifying the […]

Announcing the ISHI 30 Keynote Speaker

He went by many names. In Sacramento, he was known as the East Area Rapist. Southern California called him the Original Night Stalker. Others gave him the name Diamond Knot Killer and Visalia Ransacker. As he progressed to murder, he would become the Golden State Killer. All told, he committed over 100 burglaries, more than […]

Back to the Midwest for ISHI 31

In 2020, we’re taking a break from the west coast and ‘mooving’ to San Antonio, Texas for ISHI 31. While foodies already know a taste of what San Antonio has to offer, those who have never been will find that there is a lot to explore as well.   written by: Tara Luther, Promega   […]

Catalyzing Solutions with Synthetic Biology

The keynote speaker for this year’s International Symposium on Human Identification (ISHI), Andrew Hessel, describes himself as a catalyst for big projects and ideas (1). In biology, catalysts are enzymes that alter the microenvironment and lower the energy of activation so that a chemical reaction that would proceed anyway happens at a much faster rate—making a reaction […]

Network While Bowling at Lucky Strike!

This year ISHI is offering a special networking event at Lucky Strike. The informal event on Monday evening will include access to bowling lanes, pool tables and a light buffet. Form teams and compete against fellow attendees to win prizes and bragging rights!   Written BY: Tara Luther, Promega     Lucky Strike opened its […]