Department of Justice Quality Assurance Measures for Testimony and Reports Involving Forensic DNA Analysis

Tuesday September 25th, 2018 // 10:50 am - 11:10 am // North Ballroom

In August 2017, the Deputy Attorney General announced major quality assurance initiatives to advance the practice of forensic science. This session will provide an update on those projects and the Department’s three priorities on forensic science: (1) facilitating coordination and collaboration on forensic issues across the Department, the federal government, and with state, local, and tribal agencies; (2) increasing capacity of forensic services to ensure that evidence is promptly analyzed; and (3) improving the reliability of forensic science. During this presentation, the Department will provide an update on quality assurance measures designed to enhance the testimonial reliability of forensic DNA results and conclusions. Discussion will also include the purpose, scope, and implementation strategy for these initiatives.


Private: Ted Hunt

Senior Advisor to the Attorney General on Forensic Science, Department of Justice

Ted R. Hunt is Senior Advisor to the Attorney General on Forensic Science at the Department of Justice. In that capacity, he is the Department’s lead advisor on forensic science policy and emerging forensic issues. Mr. Hunt also regularly interfaces with federal, state, and local forensic stakeholders and the Department’s law enforcement partners.

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