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Preparing for Crime Scene Rapid DNA and CODIS Workshop

Thursday September 21st, 2023 // 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm // Hyatt Regency at the Colorado Convention Center, Mineral Hall ABC

Early Registration$200.00
Standard Registration (after July 15)$225.00
Student Registration$125.00

Fee includes lunch and materials.


The primary goal of this workshop is to begin preparing CODIS laboratories for the FBI’s future vision and implementation of crime scene Rapid DNA for CODIS enrollment. It is estimated that national crime scene Rapid DNA Quality Assurance Standards may be available as early as the first quarter of 2025. Presentation topics include progress on the FBI’s vision, expanding a CODIS Laboratory’s scope of accreditation to locations outside the laboratory to include partner agencies, lessons learned from non-CODIS crime scene applications, and important concepts regarding future national crime scene Rapid DNA Standards and Procedures. The workshop will conclude with a panel discussion with all presenters from the workshop.


Learning Outcomes:

After completion of the workshop, participants will have an in-depth understanding of the FBI’s vision for integration of crime scene Rapid DNA for CODIS, what will be needed to implement crime scene Rapid DNA outside the laboratory, and will gain valuable insight to begin planning for their agency to conduct crime scene Rapid DNA analysis outside of the traditional laboratory setting.


Intended Audience:

  • CODIS Laboratories
  • DNA Analysts
  • Technical Leaders
  • CODIS Administrators
  • Quality Assurance Managers


Douglas HaresChair

Rapid DNA Implementation Program Advisor for the FBI’s Biometric Analysis Section

Dr. Hares is the Rapid DNA Implementation Program Advisor for the FBI’s Biometric Analysis Section.  He joined the DNA Analysis Unit II of the FBI Laboratory in 2000 as a Forensic Examiner.  In 2006, Dr. Hares transferred to the CODIS Unit where he served as the NDIS Custodian for over 13 years. 

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Private: Pamela Sale

Vice President, Forensics, ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB)

Pamela Sale has been the Vice President of the Forensics Strategic Business Unit of the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) since 2016 where she oversees and manages all operations including finances, personnel, and accreditation program activities.

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Mark Smith

DNA Database Supervisor and Rapid DNA Coordinator, Arizona Department of Public Safety

Mark Smith has been employed with the Arizona Department of Public Safety for 21 years and currently supervises the Technical Support Unit, covering both the statewide Breath Alcohol and Law Enforcement Rapid DNA Programs. Prior to that, he was the DNA Database supervisor and has processed casework for nuclear DNA and mitochondrial DNA cases.

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Private: Regina Wells

DNA Database Supervisor, Kentucky State Police DNA Database

Regina Wells has been employed by the Kentucky State Police for 19 years and the supervisor of the DNA Database for 3 years. She also serves as the State CODIS Administrator for Kentucky.

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