SWGDAM Investigative Genetics Genealogy Working Group Update

Wednesday September 15th, 2021 // 9:00 am - 9:20 am // Fiesta Ballroom

The Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods (SWGDAM) established an Investigative Genetic Working Group in 2020.  This Working Group was originally formed as a Committee of Correspondence to educate and inform SWGDAM on genetic genealogy issues and the technology involved in the forensic application of genetic genealogy.  The original Committee of Correspondence drafted an overview document on Investigative Genetic Genealogy that contained a list of considerations for laboratories and law enforcement agencies to review when contemplating the use of the new forensic genetic technique.  Following the document’s approval by SWGDAM, the IGG Working Group was formed.  An update on the Working Group’s current activities and interaction with the CODIS community will be presented.


Private: Thomas Callaghan

FBI Laboratory’s Biometric Analysis Section

As a member of the FBI DNA Analysis Unit, Thomas Callaghan was involved in the analysis of hundreds of homicide and rape cases. In 1999, Dr. Callaghan initiated the FBI’s Federal Convicted Offender DNA Database. In 2003, he became the first CODIS Unit Chief and has been involved with the CODIS Program for over 20 years.