Taller: “Desafíos técnicos y análisis de resultados en casos de filiación que parecen cumplir con la ley de Murphy

Sunday September 17th, 2023 // 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm // Hyatt Regency at the Colorado Convention Center, Mineral Hall FG

Standard Registration$75.00

Fee includes materials and breaks.


Murphy’s Law says: “Everything that can go wrong will go wrong.” Using standard STR markers sets to establish biological relationships analysis complex can generate ambiguous data. Several drawbacks appear when a high enough likelihood ratio is not obtained, or not excluded with totally inconsistent genotypes. We could add other challenges such as no availability of close relatives, insufficient concentration or poor DNA quality, allelic discrepancies, mutation rate, triallelic patterns, etc. And further to that, the legal pressure behind the case. We will try to reverse the “bad luck” with different technical strategies and statistical analysis. This workshop will be presented in Spanish.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Standard battery sets of STR markers not always can establish biological relationships.
  • Relationship parentage complex test can generate ambiguous data and several drawbacks appear when a high enough likelihood ratio is not obtained, or not excluded with totally inconsistent genotypes.
  • Different expert solutions to solve complex cases with more than one technical and/or statistical analysis challenge.


Intended Audience:

  • Forensic geneticist investigator


Santa Martha Jiménez de CabaCo-Chair

Technical Supervisor, Dept. Molecular Genetics, REFERENCIA LAB CLINICO

Santa Martha Jiménez de Cabaam has been a Bioanalyst and has been working for 15 years in REFERENCIA LABORATORIO CLÍNICO, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She currently works as a Department Supervisor, with academic training in the management, processing, and issuance of results of samples of forensic origin.

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Eileen RiegoCo-Chair

General Supervisor, Department of Molecular Genetics Molecular and Forensic Biologist/Clinical Genetics and Genomics/ REFERENCIA LABORATORIO CLINICO

Eileen Riego Trejo is the Director of the Molecular Genetics Department. She received her postgraduate in Developmental Biology from the Universidad Habana, Cuba. She received her Master's in Cell Biology in Mammalian and Molecular Genetics from CIGB-Cuba and her Master's in Genomics and Medical Genetics from CEVUG, University of Granada. Spain.

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