The Almost Perfect 7 Million Dollar Robbery

Wednesday November 2nd, 2022 // 2:10 pm - 2:30 pm // Woodrow Wilson Ballroom

In September 2018, an elderly, wealthy local businessman was kidnapped early one morning by a group of masked assailants outside one of his stores. The attackers beat him, tied him up, put him in his own car, and drove to his house without asking for directions. The attackers knew personal details about him and his family. Once at his house, they dragged his wife out of bed and tied her up. The attackers believed that the victims had $7+ million in cash hidden somewhere in their home. After brutally beating the victims and shooting one of them, the assailants left in the victim’s car with what cash they could get, which was not even close to $7 million.

The victims, who both survived, had no idea who the attackers were. The subsequent investigation resulted in evidence from at least eight different locations, multiple CODIS hits to previously unknown suspects, complex DNA mixtures evaluated with TrueAllele, cell phone tracking, firearms evidence, fingerprint evidence, and timely information from several members of the community. The forensic evidence and investigative work ultimately led to arrests and convictions of a crime ring covering at least three states that is believed to be responsible for multiple armed robberies, home invasions, and homicides.


Private: Timothy Nafziger

DNA Analyst, Greenville County Department of Public Safety, Forensic Division DNA Lab

Tim Nafziger is a forensic DNA analyst and Alternate CODIS Administrator for the Greenville County (South Carolina) Department of Public Safety. He has analyzed an extensive range of DNA cases, and has used his detailed data collection to develop many of Greenville County’s forensic policies.

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