February 2024 Issue of The ISHI Report Now Live

As the seasons change, bringing new challenges and opportunities, we are thrilled to present the latest edition of the ISHI Report. This issue is a testament to the resilience and innovation within the forensic DNA community, showcasing groundbreaking research, inspirational stories, and pivotal legal developments that continue to shape our field.



In this issue, guest contributor Yahaya Sumara Sulley delves into the fascinating world of the Forensic Microbiome, exploring how microbial communities can revolutionize our understanding of crime scenes. While he focuses specifically on the African population, this cutting-edge research can enhance investigative capabilities and open new frontiers in forensic science around the globe.


We are honored to feature an exclusive interview with Haley Omeasoo, whose work with Ohkomi Forensics is at the forefront of addressing the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons (MMIWP) crisis. Her story is a powerful reminder of the impact forensic science can have on communities and the pursuit of justice.


Smith v. Arizona presents a critical legal discussion that could alter the landscape of forensic testimony in the courtroom. Karra Porter offers an insightful analysis of the implications of this Supreme Court case for forensic professionals and the legal system at large.


The establishment of the Washington Task Force on MMIWP highlights proactive steps being taken to address the MMIWP crisis through specialized units and innovative solutions. Our colleauge, Jordan Nutting, discusses the new initiative that serves as a model for collaboration and commitment to solving cold cases and supporting affected families.


Lastly, we bring you The Three Emmas, a historical narrative that intertwines love, scandal, and murder with forensic science, offering both a captivating look into a sordid chapter of San Antonio’s past and a great place to grab a cocktail while at ISHI this September.


We are also excited to announce the search for our next Student Ambassador. This program is an incredible opportunity for students to engage with the forensic DNA community.


We hope this issue inspires and informs you. As always, we welcome your feedback and contributions to future issues. If you are interested in drafting an article for a future issue, please email Tara Luther (tara.luther@promega.com).