ISHI for Good Update



We Asked You to Rock Your ISHI Tee for a Good Cause and You Delivered!


In the May issue of The ISHI Report, we asked you to send in photos wearing your favorite ISHI tee to support Feeding America and Doctors Without Borders, and many of you did. Each time we downloaded one of those photos and read your words of encouragement it put a smile on our face, so we’d like to pass on the feeling.

Thank you for all that you do, and please continue to send in photos! We will miss sharing a cocktail and chatting with all of you in person this year, but look forward to connecting with you virtually.

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Kimberly and Lorenzo Andreaggi


Stay strong and hope to see everyone soon at ISHI!

Rachel Kieser

Recent Ph.D. Graduate

Life is tough but so are you.

Rohaizah James


Keep on strumming, even if it drives your cat crazy.

Julie Sikorsky

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

Stay the course!

Amy Jeanguenat


It can be very overwhelming to focus on all the external problems. Focus local- like really local- focus on you! You can transform the world by transforming yourself. Don’t ever forget the power of your ripple.

Jennifer, Colton, Lindsey, Brianna

Arkansas State Crime Lab

Brighter days will come!

Ixchel De La Luz


Help a child: find out who is his/her biological father.

Nancy and Brian Peterson

Forensic Biology Consultants, LLC

I have been in the forensic biology business for the last 42 years. You have picked a great career helping to keep our communities safe. The career is not boring with all the changes occurring so frequently. Always remember that the individuals involved in any case look to us to help find the truth. That is the reward for a job carefully done.

Orlando Salas

General attorney of Nuevo León, Mexico

So happy to meet interesting people last year! So much to learn and with the will to do it.

Fabiana Taglia

Florida International University

I’m not good with words but I quote this from Stephen Hawking because it represents me 100% “ Science is not only a disciple of reason but also one of romance and passion.”

Carmen Castañeda and Gabriela Aguirre

Perbiost México

This too shall pass! and soon we will be able to return to our normality.

DNA Labs International

We can’t wait to see you all at the next ISHI!