Pop Quiz: What Scientific Job is Right for You?

I used to love taking magazine quizzes to learn more about myself. I thought it would be fun to create a quiz to help you find out what scientific career path may be the best fit for you. Be open-minded while taking the quiz and remember that this is just for fun!


Written by: Becca McKnight, Promega


1. My greatest strength is:

a)      My artistry
b)      My perseverance
c)      My attention to detail
d)      My problem solving skills
e)      My personality- I get along with everyone


2. In school I was involved in this club:

a)      Art Club
b)      Math Olympics
c)      Safety Patrol
d)      American Red Cross
e)      Business Club


3. My biggest weakness is:

a)      I get bored if I’m doing the same thing for too long.
b)      I get so wrapped up in projects, I may neglect other tasks.
c)      I am not very creative.
d)      I don’t like to have to work alone.
e)      I’m competitive (but that could also be my greatest strength!).


4. What would your dream job include?

a)      Creativity
b)      Lots of time at the bench
c)      Process improvement
d)      Helping others
e)      Meeting lots of new people


5. To relax I like to:

a)      Listen to music
b)      Read non-fiction
c)      Build things
d)      Hang out with friends
e)      Play strategy games


6. My number one goal in life is:

a)      To be different
b)      To change the face of science
c)      To create something tangible
d)      To help those in need
e)      To live up to my potential


7. My friends describe me as:

a)      Funny
b)      More on the quiet side
c)      The one who plans all of our get-togethers
d)      A problem solver
e)      Gregarious


8. If I didn’t have a job and didn’t need to worry about money, I would:

a)      Create something beautiful to leave behind
b)      Work on finding a cure for a disease
c)      Be a chef
d)      Teach
e)      Still work


9. With whom do you prefer to spend your time at work?

a)      Your team
b)      Yourself
c)      A large cross-functional team
d)      A mix between internal and external customers
e)      Lots of customers


10. My worst nightmare in a job would be:

a)      Having to follow protocols every day
b)      Constantly working closely with others on group projects
c)      A job that demands constant creativity
d)      Working alone on the bench all day
e)      Not having the resources I need to help customers


11. What type of advice do your friends tend to ask you about?

a)      What artwork to buy
b)      Lofty, hypothetical questions
c)      How to get their lawnmower working
d)      What they should do about a personal problem
e)      How to negotiate their next car purchase


12. What would your superhero name be?

a)      Indigo Prism: You are able to project artistic images into the mind of others and convince them to do what you want them to do
b)      Shadow Falcon: You are able to fly through and solve difficult problems without others detecting you
c)      Commander Detail: Your intense attention to your surroundings helps you solve mysteries
d)      Iron Crusader: You have a magnetic personality and have healing powers
e)      Captain Competitive: You win every competition you are in and winning only makes you stronger


If you got…

Mostly A’s: Maybe you should consider a creative career. You can use your scientific background to help companies with marketing or technical writing. You are clearly an artistic person; use it to your advantage!


Mostly B’s: It sounds like a research & development position may be the right fit for you. You enjoy problem solving, planning experiments and having some alone time at the bench each day. Perseverance in this career can led to great discoveries!


Mostly C’s: Your attention to detail and love for following the rules would make you a great candidate for a manufacturing position in a scientific company. You can work cross functionally to ensure products are being manufactured correctly. At the end of the day you can visually see what you have accomplished.


Mostly D’s: It is clear that you enjoy spending time with and helping people. A technical services career could be a really good fit for you. You get to apply your scientific knowledge to help valued customers solve problems. You get to feel good about helping others and customers are grateful. It’s a win-win!


Mostly E’s: You are outgoing, strategic, competitive and love meeting new people. Have you thought about a career in sales? In a sales career, you can match customer needs to company offerings to make everyone happy. Your competitive side will love the thrill of the sale and you get to build lasting relationships.


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