Your Work Matters

Not all heroes wear capes, and we know that the work of people behind the bench and in the lab impacts countless lives.

We would like to acknowledge the people that have made this meeting successful – you! We know that it takes a special kind of person to do forensics work, and wondered, what do you like most about being a forensic scientist?





Sonia Kakkar – PGIMER Chandigarh

The best part about being a forensic scientist is that I can apply my knowledge of science for social welfare.
Since my childhood, I wanted to be in a job which kept me associated with law, along with my interest in biological sciences, and also wanted to do something for the society for humanity. Forensic science allowed me to pursue all my interess in a single field. Being a forensic scientist is like doing my dream job! It’s not just science, it’s a real adventure, because a dead man tells no tales unless you are in forensics!!



Donia Slack – RTI International

As a forensic DNA researcher I love watching a basic research problem go from the bench to a practical solution for practitioners. It is why forensic science is the most impactful applied science ever!





Kara Kovach – Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office

I love knowing that I’m helping to make my community a better, safer place as well as helping to keep innocent people from being wrongly convicted.





Brittany Ross – Kentucky State Police Central Forensic Lab

Seeing the offender database samples I process into CODIS hit to something the next day! It’s almost instant gratification.






Kristen Cossota – Texas Department of Public Safety, Garland

Giving the victim a voice and helping bring closure to their family.







Kelly Knight – George Mason University

I love being a forensic scientist because I get to spend my entire life solving puzzles! Coolest job ever!!






Jennifer Johnson – FBI

I love being able to bring closure to victims and their families







Colleen Kumar – New Jersey State Police

I enjoy being able to help people (virtually) anonymously.







Bianca Fulks – Georgia Bureau of Investigation

Knowing that I’ve helped to exonerate an innocent person and helping to bring justice to those that deserve it most by helping take predators/criminals off of the streets brings me so much joy as a forensic scientist!





Brittany Patterson – George Mason University

That every day is different and a new challenge!!







Jessica Salazar – Blue Path Labs, LLC

The best part of my job is being able to diversify and learn something new everyday. As a Jr. Forensic Chemist, I’m exposed to new technologies and unique situations regularly. It is rewarding to be able to identify unknown substances, and even detect a new drug analogues. The information I obtain in my job can be used to protect our communities and provide justice. I work with brilliant scientists with varying specialties and backgrounds making it an inspirational and interesting environment.




Samantha Hadley – George Mason University

I love the ability to bring justice in a way that is more focused on facts than perspectives. Whether that would be bringing closure to a family, or exonerating someone who was falsely accused, a focus on the facts allows justice to be more attainable than just through the criminal justice system alone.




Emily Gaietto – George Mason University

As a forensic scientist, we assist in providing justice for the innocent especially those who cannot defend themselves.






Nicole Johnson – West Virginia State Police

I enjoy using my God given passion for science and helping others to bring justice to the world in whatever way I can help!






Amelia Bussel – Washington State Patrol

Being able to think critically about my work, have a purpose that helps others, and going to conferences where great minds can connect, network, and solve real-world problems together.






Brittany Antonucci – New York State Police Forensic Investigation Center

Being able to give back to my community, make the world a safer place for my family, friends and others that I might not know but appreciate my work.





Brian Clemons – West Virginia State Police Forensic Lab

The most rewarding feeling is when all of the hard work pays off in a case. Seeing an individual, or individuals, being put away for a horrendous crime is such a great feeling. I chose this field so I could make a difference in the lives of others.





Brandi Bentley – West Virginia State Police

My entire adult life I have wanted to work in forensics. While pursuing a college education for pharmacy school pre-reqs, an organization came to speak about forensics. It was then that I knew my life goal. Since then, I have been working with the WV State Police Forensic Lab for 1.5 years. Knowing that I am making a difference in someone’s life (even though we do not know that person personally) is what makes the job most rewarding.




Meagan Lesser – West Virginia State Police Forensic Lab

The satisfaction of knowing that the work I’m doing is helping victims and serving a purpose in the community.