Ask the Experts: Your Direct Line to Forensic DNA Mastery

Every forensic DNA student faces challenges—from navigating research resources to finding your community of like-minded professionals. Understanding this, we have tailored an online forum scheduled for May 8th at 10am CT that not only speaks to these issues but gives you the floor to address them.



As a student or early-career professional in the realm of forensic DNA, you’re likely familiar with the excitement of discovery and the frustration of roadblocks. You’re eager to push the boundaries of science but may find yourself grappling with limited access to resources, a need for meaningful connections, or even the challenge of keeping pace with the rapidly evolving field.


This is where our upcoming online forum, designed with your aspirations and hurdles in mind, becomes a game-changer. It’s more than an event; it’s a lifeline to the expertise, networking, and cutting-edge knowledge you’ve been searching for. This isn’t your standard, passive learning experience. During registration, you’ll have the opportunity to submit your questions, ensuring that what’s most important to you is on the agenda. On the day of the event, our live Q&A sessions will give you the chance to engage in real-time. It’s your chance to steer the conversation.


Imagine engaging directly with seasoned DNA analysts and researchers who once stood where you stand now. Picture yourself absorbing insights that could transform your approach to research, or finally finding the answer to that problem you’ve been wrestling with for weeks.


Here’s What You Can Look Forward to:

  • Real-World Knowledge: Gain practical, actionable insights from experts who navigate the intricacies of forensic DNA on a daily basis.
  • Networking Made Easy: Connect with professionals and peers who are just as passionate about forensics as you are. Who knows, your next collaborator or mentor could be just one conversation away.
  • Empowering Discussions: Participate in discussions that address the very challenges you face, from funding to publishing, to making your mark in the field.

The forum is not only a place to learn but also a space to be heard. Share your journey, ask your burning questions, and contribute to a collective pursuit of forensic excellence.


And the best part? You can join from anywhere, without the worry of travel expenses or time away from your studies or work.


A Panel that Understands Your Path

We’re excited to announce that our Advisory Committee will join the panel, bringing a wealth of experience and insight to the forum. They’re not just experts in their fields; they’re champions for the next generation of forensic professionals. This year’s panel includes:

  • Dr. Michael Coble, Associate Professor and the Executive Director, Center for Human Identification at the University of North Texas Health Science Center
  • Nana Lamousé-Welch, DNA Specialist, Forensic Science Unit of the Bronx County District Attorney Office
  • Michelle Madrid, Senior Criminalist and the DNA Technical Leader, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department
  • Julie Sikorsky, Forensic Biology Manager, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office
  • Jim Thomson, Scientific Knowledge Manager and the Science Lead for DNA, Eurofins Forensic Services
  • Rhonda Williams, Associate Professor, University of Central Oklahoma


Last Year’s Legacy

Curious about what the forum entails? Last year, students dove into topics ranging from lab techniques to career transitions. You can expect this year’s panel to cover similar ground and more. For a taste of the experience, check out our recap of last year’s forum.


Spread the Knowledge:

Don’t keep this gem to yourself! If you’re part of a forensic science student group or know peers who would leap at this chance, pass it on. Let’s amplify our forensic science voices, together. The path to forensic DNA expertise is laden with questions. Join us, ask yours, and step into your future with confidence. Register Now and take advantage of this unique opportunity to query the experts, discover solutions, and drive your forensic DNA career forward. Remember, the panel is there for you, ready to tackle everything from technical quandaries to career guidance.


Seize Your Spot


P.S. Ready to Represent Your Peers?

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