Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced his lawfully owed DNA project identified 387 sex, kidnapping and homicide offenders still living in Washington who illegally failed to provide DNA samples after their criminal conviction. Of these 387 individuals, the Attorney General’s Office already collected 102 new DNA profiles, including:

  • 5 new DNA profiles from individuals convicted of homicide;
  • 10 new DNA profiles from individuals convicted of kidnapping; and
  • 88 new DNA profiles from convicted sex offenders. (The previous phase of this project collected DNA profiles from registered sex offenders. This phase focused on sex offenders who are not required to register.)


All 102 new profiles were added to CODIS, the national DNA database.

This is the second phase of Ferguson’s lawfully owed DNA project. In May, Ferguson announced that his office completed the collection of lawfully owed DNA from currently registered sex offenders across the state, resulting in 372 new profiles in CODIS.