Keynote Announced for ISHI 34

Are you a seasoned forensic professional or newly minted forensic scientist?  This year’s International Symposium on Human Identification has learning opportunities for attendees just entering the field, those with decades of experience and everyone in between. Registration is now live, so reserve your place through the link above!



What is the mindset needed to be vibrant, alive and in command of your life? What does it look and feel like? At any moment, life can throw turmoil in our direction—uncertainty and unrest from changes at work, the shock of sudden financial loss, an automobile accident, serious illness…What does it take to be ok inside of ourselves no matter what?


Allison Massari’s journey, delivered through the art of storytelling reveals that we can discover untold amounts of strength, joy and aliveness when we learn to embrace our challenges rather than resist them. Allison states, “We can each make a vigorous, life-changing choice to navigate our way through and beyond adversity and be a force of light for ourselves and others.”


With vision, clarity, and compassion, Allison teaches audiences the potent life lessons that she learned on each step of her path after she was severely burned in a fire and faced seemingly insurmountable odds. Her riveting keynote boosts confidence and well-being and offers a balm of hope as Allison intimately shares the nuances of how to respond to difficult circumstances and maintain personal command and integrity despite life’s disruptions. With genuine encouragement and support, you’ll receive a new perspective from which to see the world and walk away with effective methods to handle challenges and move towards dreams and goals with courage, purpose, and the strength of an open heart.


“Be vigilant to seek and find the good in every breathing moment. Search with ferocity. Harness an unbending belief. Your struggle and your dedication will sculpt your spirit and bring you to the ultimate destination—your Self-Mastery.”


Allison’s sublime and dynamic artwork serves as a breathtaking backdrop to her inspiring keynotes.


Prepare to be profoundly moved and deeply inspired. Prepare to be taken on a journey.