What Keeps You Coming Back to ISHI?

Learning about the newest technologies? Networking? Read below to see why our ISHI 27 speakers say they look forward to ISHI, then join the discussion on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages to let us know what keeps you coming back!






“This will be the first time I will be attending the ISHI conference.  I am looking forward to the presentations and reconnecting with former co-workers and professors.”

Alice Chung, SNA International




rock-harmon“I spoke at the first 2 meetings in Wisconsin. Then I spoke periodically over the past 20 years. It is the combination of talks, posters, and people that makes the meeting so important and enjoyable. It is also the mantra “What happens in Scottsdale stays in Scottsdale.”

Rockne HarmonAlameda County District Attorney’s Office (retired)




nicole-novroski“The people! I love having the opportunity to catch up with colleagues and friends as well as network with new people in different industries outside of my area of expertise.  Promega does an absolutely phenomenal job with the ISHI conference, and I look forward to attending every year that I can.”

Nicole Novroski, University of North Texas Health Science Center






“I have only attended ISHI once and that was ISHI 26.  I love the vast array of topics presented and especially the guest speakers.  Promega is wonderful at establishing an inviting and creative environment for those in the profession to meet, network, and share ideas.”

Rachel Wiley, University of North Texas Health Science Center






“This is my first time attending ISHI but I attended several of the Promega technical tour seminars in the past.”

Hristina Lekova, Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office





“I’ve attended ISHI nearly every year since entering the field of forensic DNA analysis.  It is a great event to hear about new research being conducted in our field, discuss relevant challenges, learn about new products for the forensic DNA community, meet new people, and catch up with dear friends and respected colleagues.”

Julie French, Netbio






“I enjoy the amount and diversity of presentations at ISHI.  There is always something new to learn in this field and ISHI tries to represent many different topics every year.”

Kendra Felipe-Ortega, University of North Texas Health Science Center






“I have never attended ISHI before. I am looking forward to listening to all the different presentations and gauging where we, as a field are heading to next.”

Tatiana Perez, NYC Office of Chief Medical Examiner





“This will be my first time attending ISHI! I am really looking forward to hearing the other speakers and checking out the vendors to see what’s new for forensics coming into 2017.”

Rachel Oefelein, DNA Labs International





“Before I started attending ISHI, I went to the annual ASHG meeting. This meeting has 7-8,000 participants and is too overwhelming to absorb. The scope of ISHI is just right in comparison. I prefer a single hall with high-quality talks to multiple talks and workshops from which I can’t choose.”

Sara Katsanis, Duke University





“Being around friends and colleagues who have the same interests and learning about the latest advancements, trends and research.  There’s also a great party at the end of the week!”

Ted Hunt, Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Jackson County Missouri






“I enjoy the posters.  I always find myself interested in a great many of them and believe that ISHI provides a good forum to speak with researchers interested in the same issues.”

Catherine Grgicak, Boston University School of Medicine






“The quality of the presentations and the opportunity to interact with DNA professionals from all over the world in person.”

Chuck Heurich, National Institute of Justice