Announcing the ISHI Threesis Academic Challenge

Can you summarize your research in just three minutes? As a student or newly minted forensic scientist, you have limited opportunities to showcase your work before your peers and presenting at a scholarly conference can be daunting. This Threesis challenge is an opportunity to refine your thinking and hone your communication skills so that you can articulate the impact your research has on the field of DNA forensics. The competition also hopes to foster engagement and collaboration between individuals by promoting your research to a wider audience.



To participate in the challenge, prepare a three-minute video explaining your research and submit via our website by July 15, 2022. Videos should be received in MP4 format and will be shared on our YouTube Channel where viewers will have until July 31, 2022, to cast their vote for their favorite by liking the video. Videos will be judged on the following criteria:


  1. Did the presenter introduce the topic well?
  2. Need and relevance of the research to the field of DNA forensics
  3. Did the presenter explain the methods and results concisely and clearly?
  4. Did the presenter make good use of slide design/images/etc.?
  5. Did the presenter speak at an appropriate pace and volume?
  6. Was the presentation captivating?


Two winners will be selected based on the number of likes their videos have received. The first-place winner will receive a $500 cash prize and the opportunity to have a pizza party for their entire lab. The second-place winner will receive a $250 cash prize. Additionally, both winning videos will be shared in the August issue of The ISHI Report, and winning presenters will be be eligible to submit an article for consideration to be printed in the peer-reviewed Forensic Genomics journal. All who submit a video will receive a free ISHI t-shirt (and their advising professor) just for entering the challenge. View the official rules.


Who is eligible to participate?

The 2022 ISHI Threesis Academic Challenge is open to all currently enrolled students in a forensic science (or a similarly named program) at the undergraduate or graduate levels or those who have been working in the forensic DNA field for 3 years or less. Applicants must present original research that is their own or was done in a group, however, only one person may present per presentation (group presentations are not permitted).


How to apply?

To apply, participants will need to fill out an application on our website by July 15, 2022. Applicants will be asked for general contact info as well as a brief title and abstract of their project (ideally 250 words or less).